Veterans Day

Veterans: One of the strengths of our workforce.

At Net56, we are proud to employ Veterans. We believe that their skills, experience, and dedication are essential to our success. Veterans have served our country with honor and distinction, and they continue to do so in their civilian careers.

Veterans bring a wealth of transferable skills to the workplace. They are disciplined, hardworking, and team-oriented. They are also experts in problem-solving and leadership. These skills are invaluable in any industry, and they make Veterans highly sought-after employees.

In addition to their skills and experience, they also bring a unique perspective to the workplace. They have seen and done things that most civilians can only imagine. This gives them a deep understanding of the world and a strong sense of resilience.

At Net56, we are committed to creating a workplace where Veterans feel valued and respected. We offer a variety of benefits and resources to support our Veteran employees, including:

  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • Professional development opportunities
  • A supportive and inclusive culture

We are proud to be a Veteran-friendly employer, and we are grateful for the contributions that our Veteran employees make to our company. Veterans are one of the strengths of our workforce.

Thank you to Ron Sargent, a US Marine Corps Sergeant who served from 1980 to 1984, and our current Service Delivery Manager at Net56. We are so lucky to have him.

Thank you to Dave Broucek, a US Army Sergeant who served for 16 years, in the Army Infantry and Army Aviation, and is currently our Trusted Advisor at Net56. We are so lucky to have him.

Thank You to all who have served and continue to serve!


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