From a software, design and development firm, into an IT company that supports over 110,000 students and staff!

Today, Net56 focuses on managed IT services, network services, security services, cybersecurity governance services, Intranet, and internet technology for homes, businesses, organizations, and K-12 education.

What We Do

We provide a full range of managed IT services, specializing in network services, cybersecurity governance services, and professional and support services. With our superior 24/7 Customer Support Desk, we are committed to helping resolve any issues a client’s organization may encounter.

School children using laptop with teacher in the classroom.

How We Are Different

Net56 specializes in managed technology and cybersecurity services for K-12 education. We understand schools’ needs and customize solutions specific to those needs. We employ only certified, highly-qualified and dedicated technicians and engineers who work with clients to provide the right technology solutions for their organization.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping resolve any technology issue our clients encounter, whether those problems are due to connectivity, cyber threats, or a mobile device not working correctly, Net56 is there to help keep you running. It is our mission to ensure our clients achieve improved performance in technology management, business processes, information technology and communications.

Our Brand Pomise

The Net56 Brand Promise is our commitment to make technology seamlessly integrate into everything you do – anywhere and anytime – and to make technology transparent by working closely with our clients to create the right solutions that enhance efficiency, productivity and growth. No matter what type of business you have, or to which organization or school district you belong, we pledge to follow through in our commitment to you.

Our History

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