Providing over 20 years of E-Rate eligible services!

We specialize in Managed Security Services Technology:
Cybersecurity, and Firewall as a Service, among others, for K-12 education.

We will design a solution, support and augment your school’s IT Department, with our seamless technology.

We understand schools’ needs and customize solutions to those needs.

Backup and Recovery

Your data is backed up based on an agreed-upon schedule and methodology. The data backup schedule and methodology collectively create a Data Retention Policy. By backing up your data, it allows your organization to recover data that may have been accidentally deleted, corrupted or otherwise lost.


Net56 has implemented a variety of 1-to-1 solutions for classrooms and can assist you in selecting the devices that will be the best fit for your students, teachers, community, budget, IT infrastructure and technology staff.

Connectivity & Integration

Net56 provides connectivity and integration solutions that are customized for your organization’s needs. In addition, when you partner with Net56, we identify any connectivity issues that would interrupt your teaching process.

Content Filtering

Net56 offers content filtering which is used to prevent access to data that may be inappropriate or against policy, and as a way to prevent ‘cyberloafing’ (an employee’s time on the internet doing something other than work-related activities and searches).

Hosting Services

Net56 offers a safe and secure, local alternative to traditional cloud options for hosting your data, providing budget flexibility, time savings and disaster recovery.

Learning Management System

Net56 can offer suggestions on choosing the right Learning Management System, the system used to help train employees as a requirement for certain certifications, or regulatory and compliance agencies. In addition, Net56 offers Learning Management System Software and date hosting in a secure environment.

Monitoring Services

Net56 provides network monitoring services for one low monthly cost, alerting you when things are not running the way they should, thereby preventing expensive IT disasters from happening.

Optimization of Resources

Net56 helps you design and develop a network system using a project management approach to thoroughly evaluate your organization and create a plan for success by identifying risks to give you options on your approach to implementing new IT and network plans.

Software Assess Management

Net56’s experienced applications team can manage your software applications, working directly with you to license, set up, migrate, upgrade, maintain and support all of your software and applications, saving you time and money, and ensuring you receive the most current updates to your data.

Virtual Classroom

the future of education is online content, flipped classroom and tools that allow students and teachers and administrators to communicate, collaborate and create. Net56 can guide you through the pros and cons of a variety of classroom technology options.

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