Cybersecurity Solutions

When it comes to cybersecurity, it’s essential to protect yourself against the unexpected. New threats arise every single day, so proactive security strategies are a must.

Solutions We Can Provide

  • Controls Audit – Net56 provides security audit services that reviews your organization’s current controls to see how they compare to industry standards and best practices. We offer security audit services to help you become familiar with your local threat landscape and identify any vulnerabilities that can lead to cyber risks and threats.
  • IT Security Assessment – Net56 offers a comprehensive network security evaluation process. When it comes to cybersecurity, it’s essential to protect yourself against the unexpected, as new threats arise every single day. Proactive strategies, like the IT Security Assessment offered by Net56 can point out potential vulnerabilities before they become a more pressing matter.
  • Managed Security Services –  Net56 offers cybersecurity solution governance and advanced threat detection capabilities that help identify vulnerable areas in your network, and continuously scans for malware and other threats, keeping your data and communications protected.
  • Security Awareness Training – One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from cyber threats is to be informed. Net56 offers security awareness training so that you are prepared for all types of cyberattacks by presenting real-life scenarios and the appropriate responses to each scenario. When you combine our security awareness training with our testing and evaluation services, you give your organization a strong proactive defense against cyber threats.
  • Vulnerability Management – Net56 offers network security monitoring services that will keep you protected 24/7 by continuously scanning your IT environment for potential weaknesses and internal and external vulnerabilities providing a more comprehensive picture of your system and network, than a scan’s single snapshot. The continuous flow of information makes it easier to identify threats and abnormalities.